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There’s far more to Money Mass Marketing than developing the best websites! That’s right, if you are a local business we will get your site on page 1 of Google. We also offer a full range of digital marketing services including auto-pilot posting to social media sites getting likes and follows, in turn this will produce more visitors to your site, We Guarantee our services work or we will refund your money.

money mass marketing

Our aim is to ensure your business’s grows according to the level of growth promised.  Money Mass Marketing Guarantee our services and  deliver astonishingly real results.

Our digital marketing tools have been developed to work as a complement to your website, always driving people back to your principle on-line platform to generate more interest and earnings.

These marketing tools include:

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Auto-Posting Relevant Content To Social Media Sites:

We have software that will promote your services on auto-pilot, that will exponentially grow your Social Media Presence. This will help with your Google rankings (more visitors, more income).

Google Adwords:

Pay-per-click advertising(PPC) allows you to stimulate your brand highly visible through sponsored links on search results pages. PPC delivers instant traffic and specific targeting through the targeting for specific keywords be included with relevant demographics. We can create obligating ads that not only stand out, but also filter out those who are not your direct target audience to make sure that the quality of clicks is high and your money isn’t being wasted. We will also design a creative range of landing pages related directly to the PPC advert all designed for maximum conversion. As part of our services, we will monitor your Adwords campaign, adjusting accordingly and providing you with regular reports.

Re targeting:

This is a feature that lets you reach people who have previously visited your website, by showing them relevant ads when they are online. We develop retargeting campaigns that will match the right message to the right people at the right time; this marketing tool can be used in multiple styles, depending on the type of site that you have, your business goals and your campaign form. Our creative digital marketing team offers re targeting support for websites and Facebook by developing the required ads that ensure the success of your campaign, we will sett up and monitor yout campaign and make any adjustments needed to make your campaign as successful as possible.

Email Marketing and Newsletters:

Email lets you communicate quickly and directly to your customers. Being able to create conversations with an engaged community is the key to a successful a successful communications strategy. We can create strategic email marketing campaigns which will maintain you at the forefront of your customers’ minds including platform selection, content creation and an analysis of the results. Email newsletters are also an effective tool, especially when it comes to keeping in touch with your existing clients. Newsletters offer you the opportunity to inform customers about new products, initiatives, special offers and other company news.

Content Strategy and Copy Writing:

We all have something to say; but we don’t all know how to create engage, relevant and easy-to-understand transcripts which will draw your audience into your digital web. We have an experienced team of transcript novelists who understand how to put your key messages at the heart of every communication. Once these messages have been agreed and approved, we will develop a content strategy designed to ensure the right person, receives the most relevant message at the most appropriate time.

Social Media:

Social media all about the conversation. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t go and satisfy potential or existing customers without scheming what you need and want to say. Well, social media platforms are no different. We know how to start, manage and preserve the customer conversation ensuring it works for your brand. In addition to setting up, optimizing and managing your social media platforms, including the development and posting of content, we can also manage your advertising and marketing campaigns across multiple social media platforms from one central phase. We will work with you and your teams to concur and deliver strategies that will stimulate your social media presence work for your business.

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